What I am working on for week 45: Burda Off the Shoulder Dress


In Sweden, people are obsessed with numbers, and most people know what week of the year it is offhand!  This week is week 45, and I am working on the #135 Burda plus size off the shoulder dress.  The model in the Burda image looks so sultry, and the dress seemed flattering, so I just had to try it!


The line drawing looked simple enough, but when I looked at the instructions for the collar piece which are listed as step 4, there were really about 18 different steps that had to be taken to complete it! Oh Burda instructions, why must you be so difficult? Now I know why this is an intermediate pattern.

After sewing all the vertical pieces and pressing all the seams for the outer fabric and lining, I decided I needed to put this down for a day and wrap my head around the collar step.  Once the collar is finished, the rest of the instructions are clear and I will be able to zip right through to the last step, zipper installation!  I can’t wait to see if this actually comes out as a flattering and wearable dress or not!

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7 thoughts on “What I am working on for week 45: Burda Off the Shoulder Dress

  1. Dub says:

    Great dress! I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Mersie says:

    Beautiful color and lines to this dress. I see it as rather loose-fitting, as well. I think it will be very flattering! Does your fabric have enough body to it to keep the collar holding its own? Burda was never a fave of mine, due to the abundance of McCalls, Simplicity and Vogue here in CA, but I have , over the years, managed to sort through the instructions and turned out some nice outfits. Looking forward to following your progress and the success of Sweden’s Savvy Seamtress’ Blog! High time we creative sewers banded together!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I think the outer satin will have enough body, as it seems to hold the necessary collar pleats well. I have trouble with Burda’s instructions, but the patterns do fit me nicely and are very fashion forward, so I go to the trouble of taping together their print at home patterns from time to time. The Big 4 patterns definitely have easier instructions and I have learned a lot from those ones. I also like some of the indie pattern companies. You should take a look at By Hand London, Colette (patterns designed for C cup instead of standard B), and Sewaholic (patterns designed for pear shape). They have some cute patterns and more personality than the standard brands.

  3. […] my Burda off the shoulder dress today, so expect photos soon. I have made a few mistakes with that crazy collar step trying to get it turned around the right way and making sure both armholes fit, but I think it is […]

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