Creating a Sewing Space

Happy Holidays!  I hope your sewing projects and holiday shopping have been going well!  We are in Scotland for the holidays staying with my fiance’s grandparents, so the only sewing-related things I will be doing  for the next couple weeks is taking advantage of lower fabric prices in Edinburgh.

These past weeks, there has been little sewing and a lot of pinteresting and IKEA  trips going on around here.  Eugene finally gave me the go-ahead to create a sewing space for myself, so we spent the weekend trying to rearrange the living room to accommodate a sewing corner.  Up until now, I had been cutting on the bed, sewing at the kitchen table, and ironing/fitting/piecing together in the living room, much to Eugene’s dismay when I would interrupt his gaming several times in a row to walk past the TV to my ironing board.  I think he was just as relieved as I was when we finally created a super cozy living room space by rearranging the furniture so I would have my own corner and no longer have to walk in front of the TV.

Now I have an all in one space, and I have to decide what to do with it!  I thought about buying a dining table so it would be multipurpose, but that didn’t quite fit the space.  I have been looking for other cost-friendly ideas, and found some really neat ones.  It seems like all the best ones use an IKEA Expedit shelf on its side, like this one from Noodlehead:

noodlehead desk cutting table

I love how it serves as both a cutting table and sewing desk, which would be so ideal for the space I have. It looks I would have to do some building.  When it comes to woodwork and building things, a handy husband-to-be Eugene is not, so I would have to figure it out myself! The hardest part would probably be getting the wood home from the lumber store by bus.  It would be a challenge, but not impossible!

I also found this budget-friendly one, via Custom Style, which uses IKEA LACK tables to create a nice, roomy cutting table:

Cutting Table made from several IKEA LACK tables

Cutting Table made from several IKEA LACK tables

Isn’t it genius? She also provides great instructions on how to create your own, and it seems pretty easy. All you need is a drill, some wooden pegs, and wood glue. I could probably build it for around 600 SEK/£60/$98. Not bad!

This one from Nested in Stitches made from IKEA shelves is just beautiful, and I wish I had all the space that she does:

Beautiful IKEA hack cutting desk via Nested in Stitches

Beautiful IKEA hack cutting desk via Nested in Stitches

I have always dreamed of having a cutting table, as it would be so nice not to have to worry about hurting my back or knees on the floor or the fabric going all wonky on the bed while I cut.  Cutting out satin fabric is tough enough, and I bet it would have been easier to cut out my Burda off the shoulder dress if I had a cutting table instead of a bed as a cutting surface!

While looking for cutting and sewing surfaces, I also came across this cute bulletin board setup, via Handmade with Joy:


I just love the bright fabrics, and I am thinking of matching my sewing machine cover and bulletin boards to the drapes in the living room, which I still need to make!  We bought a “temporary” pair of curtains at IKEA for the living room and they have been up for several months now. I’ll have to add it to my list of projects.  One thing is for sure, it will be so much easier to become more productive with my sewing once I have a dedicated space. I am looking forward to completing a project without having to circle the house for different tasks and fight for space!

How do you organize your sewing space? Do you have a lot of space, or are you limited to a small corner like me?

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6 thoughts on “Creating a Sewing Space

  1. Emmely says:

    I have a room to sew in, but it is also used as a guest bedroom and to dry our laundry. In a future house I would ideally have a room that is just for me. I have one large table that I use for cutting and sewing (and collecting an assortement of random stuff that constantly gets in the way). My ironing board is set up next to the table so I don’t have to move around a lot. My supplies are stored in two closets and a large box on wheels. I’m sort of growing out of my storage space and wondering how best to increase it. If I was more organised (as in put stuff back where it belongs when I no longer need it) it would probably work better. Good luck on getting your sewing space organised. When I got a dedicated space to sew in that really improved my productivity because I no longer lost so much time setting up and clearing up.

    • I am glad to hear a dedicated space improved your productivity, as I am hoping the same will happen for me! A sewing room is something we all dream of, isn’t it? 😀 If we ever get an extra room I would love to have one, thought I may have to compete with my fiance’s dream of a gaming room/man cave!

  2. Brooke says:

    Glad you like my cutting table! Happy organizing your new sewing space! I’m considering a rearranging of my space in the near future but I don’t plan to get rid of the table – it still serves me well. =)

    • Thanks–I love your table, and so does my fiance, for the price! IKEA is pretty much our only furniture option here in Stockholm, and your idea was so brilliant! I wish I could figure out a way to use your table idea to create a combined sewing desk and cutting table.

      • Brooke says:

        You might be able to rig something if you leave the table tops off of one or two of the bottom lacks. That way you leave an opening for a stool and your legs. Perhaps buying some of the tall desk legs IKEA has for that section and using a board to brace the upper table tops of that area would work. Good luck – I’m sure it will be great whatever you end up doing! =)

      • Thanks for the idea, I will try it!

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