Sewing, Oscar Style!

Inspired by the fashion posts in my Facebook feed from the Oscars this week, and by the Make This Look series via the Sew Weekly, I decided to create my own version of Make This Look– Oscar Style!

I’ve checked out some of the most popular Oscar dresses, perused several patterns, and come up with some ideas on how you can steal the stars’ style and sew your own red carpet-worthy dress.  If you decide to make one of these, I would LOVE to see how it turned out!

Here they are:





Lupita’s gown was a personal favorite for me, not only was the color gorgeous on her, but there was so much elegance in the simplicity of the dress!  I love the way she described the dress color as reminding her of the Nairobi sky, so romantic!


And just because I love vintage fashion, here is a classic from the 1954 Oscars:


Now, tell me readers, did you watch the Oscars? Who do you think was best-dressed at the Oscars? Who was your least favorite? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think!

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One thought on “Sewing, Oscar Style!

  1. Does the Jennifer Lawrence one come with a guide on how not to fall over?

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