The Georgia Rose Dress #FAIL


I spent the week working steadily on this dress, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I should just be whistling along to this catchy Swedish pop song.

Last summer, that #FAIL song was pretty popular. I remember my fiance and I were at Gröna Lund and stumbled upon a Sommarkryssat concert being filmed with Oscar Zia performing. It was funny to see a big group of teenage girls with their faces and arms painted with #FAIL and speaking in fake California accents, but hey, it was enough to get the security to let them into the seated area so I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea!  But anyway, back to sewing!


The skirt fabric is a cool rose-textured poly chiffon from Joann’s.  My grandmother sent a couple yards to me as a sample.  Originally, I was considering making my own wedding dress based on this Amsale Dahlia dress. I also fell in love with the oatmeal Olivia dress from Watters (which I chose in the end). So I have to hand it to her, this was the perfect combination of the two, and when I pleated it to test, it looked really nice.

It won’t completely go to waste. I can still make a nice skirt out of it, and that’s the plan.  As for the bodice, what a mess! The pattern is ByHand London’s Georgia (which is a good pattern, just not this time).  I cut a size smaller figuring that, since my measurements had gone down a little, I should.

What I should have done is measured! I am at a weird place in the size charts right now where I am not quite a US 14 but not small enough to be a 12 either.  I tried on my first Georgia and it was a little big. I should have just cut the 12 and used smaller seam allowances like Bec of BecSews did with her Georgia dress.  Too bad I saw her post just after I had finished my bodice and trimmed the seams. I also should have used a stiffer fabric than the stretch satin and cotton lining here.  Live and learn.  Of course I can always wait til I am smaller to wear this, but frankly, I am out of love with you, Georgia Rose.  Into the UFO pile you go, and onto the next project!


pretty skirt, but weird fitting bodice!

All is not lost.  I may have spent a fair bit of time on this dress, but I learned a few things too.  I tried out some boning in the top part of the bodice, practiced understitching for the first time (why have I never done this before?!), and cut my first half circle skirt (I have only cut full circles in the past).  And I confirmed my suspicions, Georgia looks pretty cute as a full skirted number.  If anyone is inspired to try your own swishy Georgia (maybe with a sturdier fabric than my bodice), I would love to see it!


This week, I have been practicing my time management.  I set a timer to sew 20 minutes every day.  It usually ended up being more like 40 minutes because I just wanted to keep going.  This helped me stay a little more consistent, and gave me lots of time to do other things, like bike around beautiful Haga Parken with my dog, Lulu!  We are lucky to have early spring weather in Stockholm this week, so I have been taking Lulu out with me on her special bike leash and harness.  People seem to find it hilarious to see me on the bike and my little dog happily trotting along.  It is so fun and relaxing to be outdoors, and to have sunshine again! I have been loving the view of the lake, the swans, and all the ducks. The dog absolutely loves it too. Usually when we walk her, she pulls hard on the leash because she just wants to run, so getting to run alongside the bike is like heaven for her.  I also let her off leash to try to catch ducks.  She never can because they fly away into deeper waters, but she still has a ball!


This weekend will probably be more biking, weather willing, and I will be starting on my Simplicity dress for the Miss Bossy Challenge from the Monthly Stitch!


4 thoughts on “The Georgia Rose Dress #FAIL

  1. Gjeometry says:

    ‘whistle, whistle, whistle’ 🙂 That is a catchy tune! Too bad about your dress, the fabric is gorgeous! But, i guess we can’t win ’em all, can we? Love your idea about setting the timer. I need to do something like that to get more disciplined since I enjoy sewing so much, but sometimes forget to make enough time for it.

  2. Bec Stitches says:

    Oh that’s too bad, but at least you can save the skirt 😉
    Even when I changed the seams I still had to take the sides in and play around with the front.. I think it may just be a weird shape bodice? Lol maybe I’m just not used to how it sits on my boobs, it’s more squarish than the round clingyness I’m used to, if that makes sense? 🙂
    I think a stiffer fabric would be easier too, I think both of mine were also flimsy. Ah well live and learn 🙂

  3. Nans says:

    I loved the rose fabric, too, Katie. I can always send you some more to make a cute peplum type top with that off the shoulder collar of the blue dress. Let me know. Hugs, Nanny

  4. Annette says:

    Oh, I hope you save that skirt. You can always add a waistband and find a fitted top.

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