Sommaren är kort!

Hej Hej!  I have been absent for a while, but I am not apologizing! As we are reminded every week in the Skansen singalongs on Swedish TV, and by last week’s thunderstorms, Sommaren är kort! Summer is short–too short to be spending time sewing indoors! I have to replenish my vitamin D levels before we get back to several months of darkness.

If you are wondering what I mean by a Skansen singalong, here is a video, filmed at Skansen, and this article explains more about them:

I have been barbecuing, picnicking, attending concerts at Gröna Lund, walking around the lake, had my maid of honor visit, celebrated midsummer, and spent many weekends taking trips around Stockholm county looking at houses to buy so we can get out of the expensive secondhand rental trap we have been in since we moved here.  Sewing has not been my first priority!


Wearing the midsummer crown I made and NOT thinking about sewing!

With a few babies of friends and family on the way, I did try my hand at a small quick project, sewing baby bibs. You can find the tutorial here from Simple Simon and Company.


Bibs, made using fabric scraps

This was just what I needed to get back on the machine!  Unfortunately, it also jammed my bobbin case while I was trying to quilt some of the pieces, but lucky me, my fiance suggested we just go to the sewing shop and buy me a new one!  We did, and I came back with a wonderful computerized machine, the Janome 4120.  It’s perfect for quilting, so I may have to learn how!


My precious!! Janome 4120. The thread cutter is my favorite part!

I was meant to get one last summer, and almost bought a ridiculously expensive (but amazing) embroidery/sewing machine that did everything.  I changed my mind though and decided we should use the money to take a trip to Iceland for my fiance’s birthday, which was a great call, because I got both a new machine and the trip of a lifetime in the end *Side note: Seriously, if you are thinking of visiting Iceland, this travel company was fantastic, and no, I am not endorsed by them!

It took a few days for me to say goodbye to my faithful old Kenmore, which I managed to fix and plan on keeping as a backup machine.  But I finally set up my new Janome yesterday and went through the instructional video a couple times.  Now I have no excuse for abandoning my sewing (besides the fleeting Swedish summer)!  I have to say, on my old machine, I sometimes felt that the quality I was coming out with was not always great, and blamed myself, but the new one runs so smoothly that I’m beginning to think it wasn’t just my skills that were to blame!

Farewell, old friend!

Farewell, old friend!

I am going to miss my old Kenmore though.  I picked it up in California for 50 dollars on Craigslist from a woman whose mother had used it as a professional seamstress before she started getting macular degeneration.  It had the original Sears receipt and a bunch of great attachments, including a ruffler foot.  The daughter told me her mother had treated it like her baby, regularly oiling and servicing it.  I made my first dress on it, and have learned how to do pretty much everything I know about sewing beyond the basics on this machine. It has been in California, Montreal, and Stockholm, and it holds a lot of sentimental value and memories for me!

Tell me about your first sewing machine. What kind was it, and do you still have it? 


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