The Return of the Doctor

Hello! I just wanted to do a mini post to share a quick crafty project I did to celebrate the return of Doctor Who. I have been hearing about it for weeks, so I decided to throw together a fez for my fiance.

hemk candy bucket

I took an upside down Hemmakväll candy bucket, some red fabric scraps, fabric glue, and embroidery thread and made a fez!  I surprised Eugene with it. He was thrilled.


He was so thrilled that he agreed to take pictures! 😀 He said next time they need a doctor, the BBC should get in touch. He is Scottish, after all.


Is anyone else excited for the new season of Doctor Who? Have you sewn anything fun to celebrate the return of the show? What do you think of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi?

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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Doctor

  1. Good idea covering the candy bucket! This turned out great! I would like to be a Whovian, but I’ve never found the time to start watching. The movie theater where I work showed Dr. Who last night. It was fun seeing all the people in costume 🙂 but I didn’t see anything that looked homemade 😦

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