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My fiance pointed out a strange trend that has cropped up this summer in Stockholm. They’re called mönstrade byxor (which literally translates topatterned pants’), and I see girls wearing them everywhere.

tygbyxor chic howto

image via

They are made of a soft viscose material, come in fun patterns and prints, and appear to be very comfortable, but there is just one problem–they seem to make everyone except the supermodel-esque ladies look like they have a very big bum, and not always in a flattering way!

An example of the trendy pants, from H&M

An example of the trendy pants, from H&M

It seems like every few summers, the fashion designers get together and decide that it’s time to channel MC Hammer and Aladdin again, as they did a few summers ago with the harem pants trend. I thought this just might be a passing fad in Stockholm, but Burda seems to have received the memo that it’s hammer time:

plus size hammer time

Burda Plus, 06/2014 #136

It seems that only 4 brave souls have dared to download the pattern, and I see no finished projects.  To Burda’s credit, they used a stiffer fabric than the viscose I’ve see everywhere in this style, which helps the shape, but I wonder how those pleats would do on a plus size girl with a tummy.  My guess is not so well, but I would love to see someone prove me wrong. Burda also came out with a pattern in 2011 which looks exactly like the pants that are trendy this summer:

burda hammer pants 102B

Burda 07/2011 #102A, also see #102B

However, the Burda 102 pants have one game-changing detail in the pattern–NO PLEATS.  I looked through some of the member projects and saw plenty of cute versions, albeit on girls with very slim figures. Burda member Mokosha put together a very striking version of the Burda 102 pants, and she has a few other versions of the same pattern on her blog.

image via Mokosha

image via Mokosha

They’re satin, and don’t they look lovely on her? Seeing how she styled these is almost enough to make me consider the trend, or at least the Burda pattern. The promise of comfort in the hot summer which this style appears to offer is mighty tempting, but I have no delusions of being able to pull a pair of these babies off without having Sir Mix-a-lot come a-calling. But that’s just me. How about you, are you interested in trying out this trend? Do you think you could pull it off?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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