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Venetian Carnival in the French Alps


If you love costume design, feast your eyes this! Today my tiny town in the French alps, Annecy, held its 20th annual Venetian Carnival along Lake Annecy. Hosted by the Association Rencontres Italie-annecy, which seeks to promote cultural exchanges between French and Italians and has created a twin city relationship between Annecy and Vincenza, as Annecy is known as the Venice of the Alps.

All around town and along the lakeside parade route, there were masked people in marvelously detailed costumes posing for photographs. They reminded me of Japanese girls in Tokyo the way they pose in character.

There was also baroque music playing and a few children dressed up with masks and excitedly pointing out the actors as they spotted each one. Many visitors had come from Italy to see the event.

I found them oddly unsettling (especially the creepy little rabbit), but also a source of fascination from a costume design perspective.   Each costume used beautiful fabrics and must have taken hours to make!

If you’re in the alps this weekend, the festival is still going on Sunday, so check it out ! There is not much snow for skiing anyway. 🙂




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